I believe in the magic of romance and the power of a good candid.

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I’ve been photographing weddings for over 6 years now. I’m based in Portland, Oregon, but my love for travel knows no bounds! I often find myself exploring Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

I'm Ciara, the storyteller behind the lens and your dedicated idaho & oregon wedding photographer. 

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I am a travel bug who is always looking for the next big adventure, wherever that will take me! My couples are just as passionate about each other as I am about their love! Your wedding day is an unparalleled chapter in your life, and I'm here to ensure it's preserved with all the warmth, joy, and authenticity it deserves! Your love, my lens, and a gallery filled with moments that speak volumes. 

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Connecting with my couples on a personal level is a joy, as it lays the foundation for an environment where you can truly be yourselves and let your love glow. Having me at your wedding is always a plus because I’m your biggest hype girl and a bona fide friend. Whether it's a spontaneous laugh, a tender touch, or a shared glance, I'm there to document the genuine moments that make your wedding one-of-a-kind.

With a passion for creating images that resonate, I bring a friendly and relaxed approach to your big day. 

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Facts about me

I’m completely obsessed with my dogs, two Basenjis named Solar + A’luna.


I play video games when I’m not behind the camera. My favorite at the moment is Baulder’s Gate, A Dungeons + Dragons game!


I watch anime along with regular television. My favorites are Sword Art Online + The Vampire Diaries. A Twilight diehard—through and through, don’t hold it against me! 


I love working out and making my body healthier. Hiking is my favorite form of exercise other than shooting weddings. 


My clients are my people. I want what’s best for you, always. To quote Friends, “I’ll be there for you!"


My favorite drink to enjoy is matcha and the last dinner I’d have on earth is Sushi. I’m OBSESSED.


I began my journey with photography at the age of 6, picking up an old Polaroid. It wasn't until middle school that I got my hands on my first DSLR, and that's when my love for capturing moments truly ignited. Fast forward a decade, and now I find myself documenting the most cherished moments for the most AMAZING people.


I'm a big concert lover and love going to see artists with friends and family! My favorite artist of all-time is Taylor Swift, of course.


I love being on the water with a paddle board beneath me. Always down for a new adventure!